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KoalaSan 1.2.4 now in AppStore!

KoalaSan 1.2.4  is on the AppStore now! This is just another bugfix release fixing a bug when using high port numbers and fixing several interface quirks mostly due to the transition to iOS 7. Installing this version will delete all

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KoalaSan 1.2.2

KoalaSan 1.2.2 has been submitted to the AppStore and is currently waiting for review. This version focuses iOS 7 support and updates AudioBus support. As soon as this version goes live it will be time for new functionalities. You can

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KoalaSan 1.2 “Eclectic Monkey”

KoalaSan 1.2 “Eclectic Monkey” is the first major update we are releasing. We are proud to announce that this version of the App will add two main big features: the AAC codec as an audio format and, consequently, Shoutcast servers

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